Decentralizing Spirituality

103 PIETY (Max Cap: 600,000)
1 ETH = 600 PIETY

What is Piety?

Often in life, we wish for a God or source of moral strength we can trust. For thousands of years, this led believers to organized religion, which has immense centralization and leads to some members controlling fates of many and extorting abysmal amounts enriching their personal fortunes. Blockchain has finally allowed us to create a decentralized religion where we can all connect to our own Gods directly and seek spiritual answers and hope in times of trouble.

Encapsulate the conversations between yourself and your God in a secure manner over the blockchain. No organization controls it.

Get some Piety to spare your soul some agony without giving any church, mosque or temple anything in return. Resolve the big questions that surround life and find hope.

Share your wisdom and discussions between yourself and your God with others. If your message is appreciated, your supply of Piety increases and you can spread your message wider.

Find Religious Peace

Religious violence is largely a result of centralization of power, who take an opportunity to spread hate rather than love to increase their power. As more individuals subscribe to Piety, the centralized organizers of those destructive religions will be more powerless to execute any more crusades.

End Religious Corruption

Religions have had some of the most notorious scandals through human history. Catholicism famously sponsored the Crusades. The religion of Scientology was famously founded by L. Ron Hubbard to generate income that was untaxable. That is why we need to put religion and morality on the blockchain to allow it to exist unabated from human shortcomings.

Meet the Team

Likelihood of launching a crusade


More effective than fasting


Louder than prayer


Organized religions trying to steal your money



July 2017

Divine vision from the holy world comes to our founders telling them to unify religion once and for all

September 2017

Established a certified, decentralized communication channel between Pious Network and all existing deities

October 2017

A sign appeared from the holy world to announce our mission to the world by creating a website on the world wide web

December 2017

Our decentralized religion will be live, allowing the pious to secure their communication channel with their God(s) and reserve a spot in the afterlife

January 2018

A feast will be held on the top of Mt. Everest to honor Piety, as that is the closest point to God(s)

2018 and beyond

Pious lives will be rewarded with eternal happiness and salvation

End of times

Piety holders will be ranked based on piety accumulation and given preferential spots in the afterlife based on how Pious they are

What are you waiting for?

Piety Other Religions
Number of crusades launched 0 1000
Number of people eligible for salvation 7 Billion Unknown
No fasting required
No luxury sacrificing
Number of child molestation scandals 0 We lost count
Number of planes flown into buildings in the name of God 0 At least 3